Routine brushing and general checkups every 6 months keep your mouth healthy.

While you need all these potent tools in your bacteria-fighting kit, you could still use reinforcements, and what better way to do so than by diet? After all, you are what you consume, and nutrition is more important than ever in deciding the level of your oral health. Aside from the fact that sugary foods and fizzy drinks in your diet are bad for your teeth and gums, here are four things to avoid for healthier teeth that might surprise you.

Diet/ sugar- free beverages

We tend to think of diet drinks as a healthier option but sadly that is not the case and especially not for your teeth both diet free drinks and their sugar filled counterparts damage our teeth especially when consumed excessively as they both contain phosphoric acid known to break down the soft enamel on your teeth and dry out your mouth. so, if you do consume soft drinks try to drink alongside a cup of water.


alcoholic drink

booze We all know that drinking alcohol is bad for your overall health, but did you know that drinking alcohol dries out your mouth? People who drink excessively, on the other hand, may notice a decrease in saliva flow over time, which can lead to tooth decay and other oral infections such as gum disease, as well as an increased risk of mouth cancer.

Potato chips


Nothing beats the ever-satisfying crunch of a potato chip. However, you must avoid eating this crunchy food often because they contain starch, which can get stuck in your teeth. If you cannot get enough of the bite, make sure you floss carefully to eliminate all the debris that can lead to plaque accumulation.

Dried fruit

dried fruit

When it comes to nutritious snacks to snack on, most people placed dried fruit at the top of their list. However, these foods can be your mouth’s worst nightmare because they seem to sit on the teeth longer than most forms of food. If you find dried fruits like raisins or nuts to be addictive and crave them more than other others, these foods can be your worst nightmare. Be sure to scrub with water afterward, or even better, brush and floss, and do not forget that eating the fresh one every now and then is a better option.

When it comes to nutrition, we at Westgage Dental believe in moderation. You will avoid plaque and tooth decay by limiting the consumption rather than eliminating it entirely, and even better, by substituting healthy substitutes. By combining healthy eating and drinking with routine dental checkups, you will undoubtedly be on the road to achieving better oral health!