Keeping Your Little Monster’s Teeth Away From Harm This Halloween

This year, more than 90% of kids will go trick or treating, bringing home bags full of sugary candy that can convert anyone’s mouth into a playground for cavity-causing bacteria. However, by taking a few precautions, your children will be able to enjoy Halloween without hurting their teeth.

Halloween Do’s- Follow These Tips For A Healthier Mouth!

  • Consume sugary snacks after meals – When children have had a proper lunch, they will be unable to consume as many sugary sweets, hence reducing their overall sugar consumption. It would also increase saliva production, reducing the impact of sugar on their mouth.


  • Make sure your child gets lots of water–  After eating sweet goodies, give your child a glass of water to help rinse the sugar and food particles out of their mouth.


  • Snack time should be kept to a minimum– It may sound counter-intuitive, but allowing your children to eat numerous pieces of sweets in one sitting is preferable to allowing them to graze throughout the day, which can raise their risk of dental decay.


  • Eat mostly dark chocolate & sugar-free candies- Dark chocolate contains cancer-fighting antioxidants, and research has shown that it is beneficial to the heart and lowers blood pressure. Sugar-free candies, on the other hand, promote saliva, which can neutralize acids and prevent plaque build-up that causes cavities.


  •  Brush your teeth at least twice a day- You must ensure that your children wash their teeth at least twice a day until their Halloween candy supply has been depleted.

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Halloween Don’ts – Avoid These Common Mistakes This Halloween  

  • Give your kids sweets that are hard or sticky- Gummy candies and hard candies are acidic and can damage tooth enamel. Even with thorough brushing and flossing, both tend to stay to the teeth and can be difficult to remove. To allow saliva to neutralize the acids, limit your child’s ingestion of these candies and wait 30 minutes before brushing his or her teeth.  


  • Allow them to manage their candy supply- Allowing your youngster to carry candy to their room is never a good idea. It’s crucial to keep track of their stash so you know how much candy they consume, what kind they eat, and when they eat it.


  • Give them treats after brushing at night – After brushing their teeth at night, your children should avoid eating anything, especially sugary snacks. Tooth decay might be exacerbated by elevated sugar levels in the mouth at night.


  • Deny your kids a fun Halloween experience- You can keep your child’s teeth healthy while still having fun on Halloween if you employ common sense while regulating their sugary snack consumption. Set boundaries while ensuring that your youngster enjoys the getaway!

Protect Your Teeth For The Rest Of The Season And Longer

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