Most individuals consider flossing to be a time-consuming activity, and they come up with a variety of reasons why they don’t floss on a regular basis. Here are the top six reasons why people don’t floss and how to overcome them.

Excuse #1 I only floss when food is stuck between teeth. 

Flossing isn’t only about getting that stuck popcorn particle out of your teeth; it’s also about getting rid of dental plaque, which is bacteria that forms colonies on your teeth between cleanings. Bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss are all symptoms of plaque. It forms on the teeth surface minutes after eating or drinking and is completely undetectable.

Excuse# 2 I’m not coordinated enough to floss.

While using a long strand of dental floss is ideal, floss picks are perfect for folks who use this excuse. Floss picks are a small bit of floss on a handy plastic handle that can be found in dollar stores, medicine stores, and supermarkets. They’re also handy if you have arthritis and lack manual dexterity. Keep a pack on hand to floss even if you’re at work!

Excuse #3 My gum bleeds when I floss. 

If flossing causes pain or bleeding, you most likely have gum disease, which is why you should floss more frequently than ever before. Gum discomfort and the bleeding should go away within a few days if you brush and floss on a regular basis. If they don’t, it’s time to schedule a professional cleaning service.

 Excuse #4 The floss shreds in my mouth. 

 Most likely, you have old dental work that needs to be redone. On your next dental visit, make sure to explain the areas where you’re having trouble flossing. It’s possible that all you need is a quick remedy to put an end to the rips. You can floss using floss threaders even if you have braces or bridgework.

Excuse #5 My teeth are too close together. 

Flexible connections between teeth are used to allow for tiny movements that occur during function, such as chewing. Although some contacts are tighter than others, the floss should be able to flow through with ease. It only takes a little practice and a lot of patience. We are always willing to assist.

EXCUSE #6 I don’t have time to floss. 

Consider the various grooming procedures performed in front of the bathroom mirror on a daily basis, such as brushing your teeth and styling your hair, and you’ll see that this argument isn’t very convincing. It’s better to buy many bags of floss and keep them in strategic locations like your bedside, pocket, and anywhere else you might come across this floss frequently. Keeping the dental floss close at hand is a simple technique to remember and inspire you to floss on a regular basis.

 If you have problems flossing and require a dental clean, schedule a consultation with us and call 519-576-7262. Take the first step towards preventing or treating serious dental issues like gum disease. Protect your smile today!